Best Photo Tips

What makes a GOOD photo?

  • Your pet's face and chest should be visible.
  • Use bright, natural light for a clear image of your pet
  • Get down to your pet's eye level.
  • Make sure the photo is clear, not grainy or blurry (i.e. it is high resolution)
  • No filters or heavy editing.

What makes a BAD photo?

  • Avoid dark or dimly lit photos.
  • Avoid taking the photo from a bad angle.
  • Blurry or low-quality photos don't work well (i.e. low quality).
  • If we can't see your pet's face and chest, it's not the best photo.
  • Don't use filters or cropped images.

      Good Photo examples

      For the best results, send us a clear, well-lit photo of your pet(s). Please ensure the image is taken at eye level and no features are cut off. Avoid blurry, dark or grainy photos and those with Instagram filters. (Please refer our listing images for guidance)


      Before our artists begin crafting a pet portrait, we'll give our customers a heads-up if the photo they provided isn't ideal. This way, we ensure our pet portraits always meet our high-quality standards.