FAQ - Magnetic Wireless Charger

Are your Magnetic Wireless Chargers only for iPhones?

No. The Magnetic Wireless Chargers are essentially just wireless chargers with built in MagSafe magnets, so they will charge any device that is Qi-wireless charging compatible. They can still charge devices that do not have wireless charging functionality via a USB-C cord (included with each charger). They can be connected to the device through a cord and basically become a normal portable charger.

Which cases are compatible with your Magnetic Wireless Chargers?

Our Magnetic Wireless Chargers will attach to and charge through any case that is MagSafe compatible and will charge through any case that is wireless charging compatible.

In other words, they are built for MagSafe and will attach to the MagSafe cases but can also be used as a normal wireless charger or portable charger with non MagSafe cases.

What are the dimensions of the Magnetic Wireless Charger?

Product Size: 58 mm x 9 mm

What is the wireless charger output?

15W (Max), 10W, 7.5W, 5W

What is the use of the Built-in Ring Holder in the Magnetic Wireless Charger?

Our Magnetic Wireless Charger has a Built-in Ring Holder which makes it easy to place the phone in multiple angles even with the wireless charging.

How does the printing work on the Magnetic Wireless Charger?

The design/ artwork is permanently UV printed to perfection on the FRONT of the Magnetic Wireless Charger with a smooth matte protective finish using the eco-friendly inks.

Do you accept returns?

With a People-First approach🥰, we serve big-hearted individuals like you to build a meaningful relationship that extends beyond the initial purchase because we truly believe that it’s not only about what we deliver, but also about how it makes you feel. However, if there’s any issue with the product you’ve received, please reach out to us and we will do everything to make it right.

We gladly accept returns provided the product is unused and is sent back to us in its original packaging within 30 days from the date it was delivered to you.
Please see our Returns Page for more information.

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