Starting as a small business in Melbourne, Australia, LE SKYEBLEU (LS) was founded in 2020 with an amalgamation of passion and focus for magnificence to cater positivity and community to our customers and inspiring them to believe in their individual way of self-expression.

LS is a curation of inspirational cultures, colours, compositions, and countries across the globe, crafting a fine blend of artsy and elegant styles, that represent and serve our community with big dreams, bold taste and tons of talent.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face. We embrace diversity and proudly partner with the artsy designers and curators of premium clothing and accessories that are inspired from all around the world. We collaborate with high quality brands and ethical manufacturers to bring YOU the ultimate satisfaction.


We are strong believers in people's individual way of self-expression. Wear smart casuals at a cocktail party or doll-up at a casual meet up, YOU have the power to determine how you want to express yourself that aligns with how you feel and who you truly are. This bring’s us to Le Skyebleu’s vision of crafting experiences with a taste of “Effortless Sophistication” !!

We all write our own stories and that is the X-factor about Le Skyebleu's products, there are NO RULES. At Le Skyebleu we wear whatever, wherever. We challenge traditional norms and status quo thereby celebrate and embrace our own unique spirits!


At Le Skyebleu, our customers are at the heart of our priority lists, with our products strongly backed by quality control systems, that are packed and shipped with love and utmost case. Therefore we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

We are excited to welcome you to be a part of our larger mission where all we want to do is “SPREAD SMILES” across our community and encourage everyone to be fearless and chase their dreams!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” ~ Dr. Seuss


We are a 100% B.S free fashion retail business, at LS we believe in sustainable development and thereby do not keep major stock at hand. Most of our products are made to order to ensure less wastage and a greener future. With that being said, all of our products are 100% cruelty free with materials sourced partly from Australia and partly from overseas. This brings us to our values.

Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency, Passion and Fun are our major core values that shape, build and define us as a business. We are humbled for you to have taken the time to read about us, but all the great stuff is up there 👆 😉

Good Photo examples

For the best results, send us a clear, well-lit photo of your pet(s). Please ensure the image is taken at eye level and no features are cut off. Avoid blurry, dark or grainy photos and those with Instagram filters. (Please refer our listing images for guidance)


Before our artists begin crafting a pet portrait, we'll give our customers a heads-up if the photo they provided isn't ideal. This way, we ensure our pet portraits always meet our high-quality standards.