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Mystic Magic
Welcome to the world of Mystic Magic, where the rare beauty of Agate Stones is captured in stunning designs that evoke a powerful sense of balance, courage, protection, and healing.

Each design inspired by the rich tones and qualities of Agate Stones, the Mystic Magic collection is a celebration of the natural world and its ability to inspire and captivate.
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From the warm, radiant glow of "Copper Sunset" to the heat and intensity of "Fiery Passion”, each design is a work of art, a reflection of the stone's mystical properties.
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But the Mystic Magic collection isn't just about aesthetics; it's about connecting to the monumental benefits possessed by the agate stones.
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So, embark on a journey of discovery into the world of Mystic Magic, and discover the power of agate for yourself.

With designs that evoke the warmth of the tropics, the mystery of the night, and the richness of gold, the Mystic Magic collection is a testament to the natural beauty and inspiring qualities of agate. With Mystic Magic, the possibilities are endless.
100% vegan leather
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