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Sustainability Guide


Material Guide

We give due consideration to the care of your products and our environment. 

Therefore, LE SKYEBLEU is a cruelty free and planet friendly business from the beginning. We love animals and our environment, so we are ethical and mindful while choosing the right and the highest quality materials for our products.

Moreover, sustainability is an integral part of our Research & Development process, materials procurement including selection of production partners who share a similar vision as ours.

All our product materials, manufacturing processes, including finished products are audited by and certified as compliant in accordance with international industry standards by one of the leading global technical audit firms.

At every stage of the journey, we place the greatest emphasis on minimising our carbon footprint.

we are conscious and kind to the planet
in the way we operate and the materials we use

Our Materials

Polycarbonate (PC) – Polycarbonate is used for our Snap & Tough cases. We prefer this material over other plastics because of its strength and durability characteristics.

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) – A 100% recyclable TPU is used for the inner layer of our Tough cases. TPU has excellent mechanical properties, combined with a rubber-like elasticity and is a great replacement for hard rubber. We prefer this material over other non-recyclable rubber & plastics because our TPU material is 100% recyclable and more eco-friendly, extremely flexible, smooth to the touch and has greater durability than other conventional silicone/plastics. 

Faux Vegan Leather – We use 100% High quality, premium vegan leather for our Apple Watchbands & Laptop/ Tablet Sleeves to give you a product that will last. In scientific terms, it is made up of recycled PVB (Polyvinyl Butryal). Furthermore, we have fully eliminated the use of PVC in our faux leather, and it complies with PVC free policy and eco regulations. We choose this sustainable material over the conventional leather because it is 100% vegan, made up of planet friendly & animal free materials, has anti-scratch & anti-abrasion qualities and is super modern & durable.

Bio Flexi – For our Biodegradable phone cases, we use Bio Flexi material which is 100% compostable (Eco- friendly) and made up of PLA (Polyactide), PBAT (polybutylene adipate-co-terephthalate)& Bamboo Fiber. It is approved and certified as compliant by SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification organization. We choose this material over other plastics because it is 100% eco-friendly, has shock absorbing & scratch resistant qualities and is very durable.

Paper Leather – We use a 100% sustainable paper leather for Laptop Skins, Phone case wallets, Charging Adapter skins and Cable/ Cord wraps. Made from tree pulp, it’s a combination of paper with cotton fabric to give it the structure. This was developed to replace animal skin leather and fossil fuel based faux (PU) leather as we continue to implement sustainable business strategies and facilitate the need for more eco-friendly materials. We consciously choose this material because it is 100% Biodegradable, lightweight, has water resistant and anti-bacterial properties and is made from plant-based polymers. These qualities make it a perfect eco-friendly replacement for the traditional animal and synthetic leathers. It is also approved and certified as compliant by Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance Provider to industries worldwide.

We maintain the balance
between the environment, the economy and ethics

Process Guide

Since the beginning, we are committed in bringing you the amazing quality of the print colours, excellent durability of our 3D decorated products and of course, our customer service.

Our materials, processes, products and production centres across Australia, USA, UK, Italy & Korea meet or exceed global health & safety standards. Our worldwide production & supply chains are vertically integrated & we do not permit or accept the use of child labour, or poor-quality working conditions, in any of our locations or production facilities.

We are also mindful while maintaining a strict environmental policy which emphasizes on sustainability & recycling and further ensures that our systems and products take into account any potential carbon footprint impact.

Our products are all designed by our Melbourne based design team after extensive research and keeping in mind our core belief of people’s individual way of self-expression.

We are also continuously re-investing in quality, safety, design & product innovation by carefully partnering with independent designers and artists from across the globe.

We use industry leading UV printers and patented ink technologies resulting into superior coatings and finish on our products which protect them from fading, wear and damage. Our print quality reflects the highest resolution of full colour printing technology available today, ensuring that the designs will not fade or scratch off.

We have quality control teams across our global production centres to ensure our products are designed to last for a long time. They make sure our products are as functional and resistant as they are trendy and fashionable.

In short, we’re committed to improving our processes, practices, and products from start to finish. Our product materials are planet-friendly, and our processes have minimal impact on the environment and people. We believe that the results of this commitment are our long-lasting, fashionable, and eco-friendly products that are sure to make a statement.